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The world we live in today is no longer sustainable. Time has come to start listening to our planet.

Zerow in on the front line in the fight against waste

Our story

Make a sustainable change

In the Fashion Industry, less than 20% of raw material leftovers are recycled, creating 750 millions of kg of leather to be disposed of every year in Italy. This entails pollution and considerably high management costs for companies.

Furthermore, leather productors themselves, such as artisans and small producers, do not have a digital culture that allows them to stand out on the market.

Zerow was born in April 2020, driven by the need to fight this and to change the values of a society based on waste.

Our team

Worldwide community

At Zerow we love sharing experiences and knowledge and we don’t care about labels; Inclusivity is a fundamental aspect for a startup such as ours. 

Our team members come from all over the world in order to build a young and dynamic reality that commonly shares values bound to social and environmental issues.

Our main goal, since the early stages, has been promoting digitalisation of small businesses by providing a platform through which supporting artisans into online selling, while concurrently promoting the values of circular economy.

Our mission

Reuse and recapture

Circular networking has appeared as a practice for established companies, but insufficient attention has been given to the artisans and small businesses who can benefit from it.  

Zerow is a platform for exchanging materials, knowledge and skills to reuse and recapture the value of formerly disposed materials.

Our goal is to create a broad and diverse community able to find better innovative solutions to recover waste and transform them into valuable, ecological and sellable products. 

These products will belong to the accessories, clothing, and furniture categories and they will be co-designed with artisans thus leveraging their competencies and experience and benefiting the local economy.

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