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Circular Fashion

Buy or sell upcycled materials

Start selling leftlovers and deadstock on our platform make the value out of your production

Someone’s waste can be someone else’s raw material. On our platform, you can buy or sell upcycled leather and textiles. 

Discover our selection of production leftovers, deadstock, or scraps recovered from the fashion supply chain, or get in touch with us
and we will help you give new life to your production leftovers.

Circular network

Give a second chance to your company's waste

We strongly believe that unity is strength, our project is made first of all by people, who work with us every day sharing our same values and ideals. 

Thanks to our community we can create connections and promote partnerships between artisans and suppliers of raw materials, not only to avoid the creation of waste but to support all those who have decided to take part in our project.

The first hub for the creative upcycling of leather

The first
coworking for sustainable fashion

Zerolab was born with the aim of encouraging cultural exchange among people with different realities in the circular economy.

Here you will be able to buy upcycled leather from the luxury supply chain, specific training courses in the field
of design and eco-design and find the right partner for your sustainable fashion project.

Raggruppa 688

Certified sustainability with our Blockchain

A sustainable business

We leverage the power of blockchain to guarantee the circularity of our products.

But what is blockchain? The blockchain is a digital ledger, a shared data structure that is immutable over time.

We certify and guarantee the recovery processes and sustainability of the brands we collaborate with, to offer transparency to all our customers.

Concept and benefits of Blockchain


Tracking where the items come from


Encryption feature makes it secure


Transaction is recorded and can`t be modified


Transactions are done instantly & transparently

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