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Tell us about your brand 

DotZero was born about 2 years ago, in the period of covid, where the time to think was a lot. 

I used to make websites, but they didn’t reflect what I really wanted to do and my creativity.

So I started from my roots, from what my family does, which is, shoes for 3 generations. 

I wanted to innovate this sector with a product that never ends.

This is my first product, made with wood processing waste, they are transformed into a bioplastic that creates the sole, the upper and the accessories. 

Only one basic material to create the product allows us at the end of life, when the customer no longer uses it, we take it, destroy it and create new materials and products. 


How many times can you recycle your shoes?

This is theoretically an infinite cycle to which we must add virgin material to maintain the characteristics over time.


Why wood fiber as a material to be used?

I chose the wood processing waste processing because these are malleable, they become a bioplastic, which is flexible and can be transformed into a printed material, therefore more rigid but also into a yarn that allows us to build the top, breathable, flexible and comfortable.

Naturally being a natural material it does not present problems for allergies.


How do you guarantee the traceability of your brand?

We guarantee the traceability of our supply chain through blockchain, this project has been developed with ZeroW.

In the blockchain all materials and displacements are tracked, basically a place where you can’t change or modify.

This allows us and especially our consumers to know where, when and in what quantities our materials are processed.

How can we convey to people that what is waste is a resource?

This is the most difficult process because of course creating products with a certain characteristic is very difficult, but it is also difficult  to make people understandthat there are real alternatives.

The most frequent opposition is: how long do these shoes last? where do I throw them? (laughs).

We must therefore make the customer understand and educate that this type of product is performing like those of everyday life.


Is the awareness we are witnessing regarding the environmental and social impact of fashion noticed from the inside?

I started with a philosophy that respected my standards, where the customer is the center of attention.

Now the customer has different needs and wants different products.

So yes, you see the change, both on the part of brands and on the part of consumers, there is more and more attention to responsibility. 

The road is still a long one, but we are on the right one.


Is it difficult to create a completely sustainable product? could it be easier to create it with the help of a public body?

It is very difficult to create a completely sustainable product, especially when it comes to shoes.

Shoes need 10 to 17 completely different components, it’s a big challenge. 

As for the aid from the agencies, we absolutely would need incentives, we would need more calls and more participation even of the agencies regarding emerging brands.


How do you explain this great interest in the environment by a generation that continues to buy fast fashion? 

On the one hand there is the awareness that the world is changing in negative, we all know the effects of climate change, on the other there are social media that always push to buy

The prices of a sustainable and responsible product are much higher than fast fashion, I think the main problem is the price gap between fast fashion and responsible.


Is it possible to make the prices of sustainable products more competitive?

Absolutely yes, it’s a challenge that I’m working on and it’s why the new shoe was born.

They are not competitive prices as they can be those of nike and adidas but, we need to understand that we can not buy millions and millions of products, we need to choose well what to buy and make it last as long as possible.

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