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The mix of Black leathers contains recovered leathers

of various shades of black, various sizes and thicknesses.

Not sold individually.

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Additional information

Zerolab is the first hub for sustainable fashion and the recovery of leather waste.
In our store you can find different types of leather, suitable for all your needs, some of this can be unique pieces and small quantities.

The mix of Black leathers contains recovered leathers of various shades of nude, various sizes and thicknesses.
Sold at a special price because even if it does not meet our quality standards can still be reused.


7 pieces of leathers.

For a total of approximately 2.45 m².

Medium leather thickness of 1 mm.
Medium leather 0.35 m².

Using recovered leather can help save 110 kg of Co2 per square meter of new leather.
The high quality of these leathers allows you to make products that will last a long time.
The leather is a circular material, all the leather present comes from the food industry.

Attention please: we try to show the true color of the leather by shooting in the best light,
It can still vary slightly depending on your computer screen.

Not sold individually.

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