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Ancient Damask is a shopping bag in false plain fabric of Humoral

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Sustainable Feautures

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Ancient Damask is a shopping bag in false plain fabric of Humoral

Humoral is a brand born in 2021 from the awareness of how significant the environmental impact that the design chain has on the life of the planet.Their products are unique pieces created with recycled materials or biological bases, fair trade or sustainable, thanks to the collaboration with local producers and artisans.

Gray velvet exterior and handles.
Pocket in jacquard velvet with two-tone coral-gray geometric pattern.
Inner lining and pocket lining in semi-gloss blue satin.
Logo embroidered to match the pocket.
Single pieces.

30 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm


  • Waste reduction: Leather saved from landfill 2-6m2
  • CO2 emissions: By purchasing this item you are saving 110 kg of CO2e per square metre of new leather
  • Recyclability: This is a high quality product made to last over time but we allow you to return it to us in case you don’t want it in your wardrobe anymore. We will recover the leather and keep the cycle going!
  • Leather is a circular material it self: all the leather used for our products is recovered from the food industry waste

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