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Cashmere Roundneck Jumper


The perfect everyday jumper made from 100% regenerated cashmere.


Sustainable Feautures

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Additional information

ReFabrics’ 100% regenerated cashmere roundneck is the perfect everyday jumper.
This product merges quality, sustainability and Made in italy: ReFabrics’ entire philosophy is based on upcycling, a process where discarded materials are transformed into an object of greater value than its original shape. Their products come from simple scraps of fabric or old garments and are processed to become new knitwear.
In addition to the high quality caused by its intrinsic qualities, cashmere is also one of the rarest and most limited resources used within the fashion ecosystem, reasons that push us to protect this resource as much as possible. That is why ReFabrics products are exclusively Made in Italy, to value Prato’s textile tradition fully respectiong the environment.

  • 100% Regenerated Cashmere 
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Unisex
  • Perfect Fit

All ReFabrics products are exclusively made of 100% regenerated cashmere.


  • CO2 emissions: By purchasing this item you are saving 95 gr/cm of CO2 compared to the 220 gr/cm usually generated from new fabrics.
  • Recyclability: This is a high quality product made to last over time but we allow you to return it to us in case you don’t want it in your wardrobe anymore. We will recover the leather and keep the cycle going!

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