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Ila Bag


Artisanal handbag made of python-patterned fabric

in blue and jacquard fabric in pink!

Sustainable Feautures

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ILA BAG, artisanal handbag made of python-patterned fabric in blue and jacquard fabric in pink!

Ethics, professionalism and commitment are three key words that encompass the work of the Coridini Rita.
They make their bags in Volpara and in Italy thanks to the collaboration with the best craftsmen in the country.
The commitment to have an ethics not only social but also environmental, respect for the environment and the nature that surrounds us, professionalism and seriousness are their founding feature.

  • Bag made with fabrics that come from Italian companies with an eye for research and innovation but not only, the commitment to create low-impact raw materials and with less waste of resources
  • Ethics, the stock exchange does not exploit human work
  • Handcrafted bag made by hand, a process that reduces the use of energy and resources


  • Removable shoulder strap and handle.
  • Silver-colored metal accessories.
  • Interior with satin lining.
  • Approximately 14 hours of workmanship.


32 x 22 x 14 cm.

How to keep your bag in shape and clean?
Clean the bag with a damp cloth and mild soap. To keep it in shape it is recommended to store it in the closet with the paper inside. Detach the shoulder strap and place it inside the bag as well. Store it in its protective bag in a cool and dry place.
It is important to avoid placing objects inside the bag that can alter its shapes, causing damage not only aesthetic but also functional.
If the bag gets wet, avoid placing it too close or in contact with direct heat sources (such as stoves or radiators) to avoid any possible color changes.
It is useful to pay attention to the surfaces that can scratch the bag, damaging its appearance.
Proper use allows you to extend the life of your bag!

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