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Juta Summer Bag


The Juta summer bag is a Customizable bag.
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Sustainable Feautures

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Additional information

The Juta summer bag is a Customizable bag with emboidered name or initals.
Fill the product enquiry form below to customize the clutch.

This Perfect summer bag is made exlusively from 100% recovered materials such as Juta and Fabrics.

Le Pochette di Martina is a brand born a few years ago, between sewing machines and cutting tables in their traditional family workshop. Martina, the founder, thought about recovering unused fabrics and creating bags. The idea of ​​giving life to something new by recycling is and has always been a starting point for her.

The love for fabrics such as jacquard, velvets, jute, satin and much more, has brought the brand to enhance quality, craftsmanship and made in Italy.

The brand’s research for raw material starts from the companies and small artisan realities that operate in the Tuscan area, searching for fabrics and remnants among their warehouses.
By recovering these products in the true sense of the word, the creation process is different from the usual standard: the idea starts from the fabric. The inspiration comes when from the fabric’s texture, an embroidery or a pattern.
This also means not having unlimited quantities but bags that are often limited in quantity and unique in their kind.


Shopping bag customizable with initials or embroidered name.

  • Inner lining in cotton, inside pocket in 100% cotton
  • Each item is designed and made with Italian materials in our laboratory.
  • height 35 cm, width 35 cm, thickness about 16 cm.
  • Use a soft cloth and do not apply any detergents or cleaning products that could alter the finish of the product.
  • The manufacture of this product was made with artisanal and non-industrial processes.
  • Small imperfections, hollows and ripples on the surface are deliberately present, constituting a specific characteristic of the product and testify to its special craftsmanship.


CO2 emissions: By purchasing this item you are saving new Co2 emissions!
Recyclability: This is a high quality product made to last over time but we allow you to return it to us in case you don’t want it in your wardrobe anymore. We will recover it and keep the cycle going!

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