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Suite99 Shoulder Strap


Handmade shoulder strap from recovered materials.

Sustainable Feautures

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Additional information

Suite99 Forence is a luxury brand born in 2020 in Florence known for twisting the conventional aesthetics of shoulder straps for bags.
These unique pieces are meant to give new life both to the bag to which the shoulder strap will be combined and to the recovered materials of the shoulder strap.
Drawing inspiration from many multicultural journeys around the world, the SUITE 99 style revisits retro glam in a contemporary key with unfailing attention to sustainability: their straps are made exclusively from recycled fabrics, leathers, rhinestones, beads or embroidery no longer valid for their original use but still able to give an unmistakable allure to each creation of the brand.
Is for this reason that every Suite 99 creation is one of a kind, each different from the other.
The Suite99 accessories are created with the use of artisanal techniques put into practice by the manual skill and passion that traditionally is put in every handcrafted object.

  • 100% Handcrafted in Italy
  • 100% Recovered Leather
  • Can be added to every bag
  • Length: 107 cm


The Shoulder Straps are made from recovered calfskin leather in different prints embroidered with recovered fabric.


Length: 107 cm
Width: 5-6 cm


  • Waste reduction: Leather saved from landfill:up to 2 m2
  • CO2 emissions: By purchasing this item you are saving 110 kg of CO2e per square meter of new leather
  • Recyclability: This is a high quality product made to last over time but we allow you to return it to us in case you don’t want it in your wardrobe anymore. With the principle of preserving the value and quality of leather we will recover the leather and keep the cycle going!
  • Crafted from leather excess to keep all types of leather out of landfills

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