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Verde Toscana


Trolley Pop-Up with internal lining,

Tuscany Green color, the land of our origins

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Sustainable Feautures

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ZOOM BAGS is an Italian luggage brand born from two patents by Chiara Caramelli, designer and founder of the brand. They offer travel items for the contemporary traveler: sustainable in materials, customizable in style, and innovative in transportation and storage solutions.

By using recycled materials, 60% recycled EVA rubber from shoe sole production waste, they create unbreakable products. They offer high-quality items that are environmentally friendly and socially conscious, featuring an exclusive design.

Trolley Pop-Up with internal lining, Tuscany Green color, the land of our origins, where cypresses and olive trees shape the outlines of soft hills, just like our rubber trolley that, being flexible, adapts to any space and fits perfectly in the trunk of our car!

Pop-Up comes with a lining in your favorite color* and an elastic clothes fastener. Follow your inspiration: Pop-Up can be customized as you wish!

*Specify in the order the color of the lining you want.

In case of wear or damage, stop at the pit stop and replace the wheels independently!

Instructions for use: Lie down on a meadow and watch the passing clouds with your soft Pop-Up used as a pillow!

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