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Wired Bra Pink Blue Banana Leaf


Wired Bra Pink Blue Banana Leaf

in 86% Recycled Polyester, 14% Elastane.

Sustainable Feautures

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SEAY sounds the same as the word “society”. It is a group of individuals with different levels of autonomy, relationship, and organization who, in various ways, interact to pursue one or more common objectives. It is with this idea in mind that the SOSEATY project is born.

Wired Bra Pink Blue Banana Leaf in 86% Recycled Polyester, 14% Elastane. Balconette bra with underwire. Adjustable underband and straps for perfect fit and comfort. Ultra-fast drying and record-breaking elasticity. GRS certified. Made in Italy

86% recycled polyester. High-quality material made from 100% post-consumer plastic and plastic recovered from the oceans. Equivalent to virgin polyester in terms of quality, its production requires 59% less energy than virgin polyester. The production of recycled polyester reduces CO2 emissions by 79% compared to the production of virgin polyester.

Country of Production:
Made in Italy. Produced in the Marche region.
Fabric Made in Italy. Produced by Borgini Jersey

GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certification
Post-consumer recycled polyester yarns are certified according to the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) promoted by Textile Exchange, an international non-profit organization for responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector. GRS ensures the content of recycled materials in products, both intermediate and finished, maintaining traceability throughout the entire production process, restrictions on the use of chemicals, and compliance with environmental and social criteria at all stages of the production chain.

Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® Certification
One of the most well-known labels worldwide for textile raw materials, intermediate and final products (in all stages of production) tested for absence of harmful substances. Synonymous with guarantee for the customer and high product safety. The certification indicates that the fabric manufacturer from whom we source is verified as environmentally eco-friendly in both processes and facilities, as well as tested for the absence of harmful substances.

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