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Aren’t going to save the world on their own, maybe… But they surely can do a lot of good to the Planet.


Aren’t going to save the world on their own, maybe… But they surely can do a lot of good to the Planet.



Well, let’s just say about 10% of the CO2 emissions worldwide are caused by the Fashion industry.


Let’s just say only 1% of the waste from the Fashion industry is recycled, and less than 20% of raw material leftovers are recycled, creating 750.000.000 kg of leather to be disposed of every year, only in Italy.


This means that the Fashion industry alone is responsible for a considerable amount of pollution and waste.


Therefore, there is a lot to do. And a change is needed, involving both buyers and producers.

Enter in the world of upcycled bags.

What is ZeroW?

Zerow stands for Zero Waste.

We are a community of companies, artisans, designers and people who love sustainable products. We offer a marketplace where you can buy upcycled products and leftovers, as well as a circular network made to connect companies and artisans willing to transform waste into products.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling consists in retrieving used materials and using them to create new, often more valuable products.

Upcycling is at the core of a circular economy, a model of production and consumption based on sharing, recycling, repairing, and reusing in order to extend the life cycle of any product and to create a new, sustainable way of life.


Recycling plastic bottles to create new shoes or… well, a park bench, is an excellent example of upcycling. Using old wood to make brand new furniture is another possibility.


Already guessed the next one?


Yes, exactly: retrieving used leather from old fashion accessories or other sources to create recycled leather handbags is another perfect example of upcycling, maybe the one we love most.

What is Recycled Leather

Recycled – or bonded – leather may come from different sources:

  • Old objects, dresses, or accessories that no one uses anymore
  • Leftovers and scraps from leather industries
  • Leftovers from food processing

These leather scraps and leftovers are usually worked and cleaned in various ways in order to acquire the characteristics – such as resistance and flexibility – featured in new leather.


The final result is often indistinguishable from new leather, resulting in less waste and, often, in an economic benefit both for the buyer and the producer.


Recycled leather may be used to create a lot of stuff, such as chairs, shoes, jackets… and of course recycled leather handbags like those featured in our Shop.

Recycled Italian Handbags

Italy has a long and established artisan tradition.

Bags, shoes, jewelry, furniture… Italian handcrafted products are beloved all over the world, and for good reasons.


Tradition, creativity, and attention to detail: these are the ingredients that made Italian clothes and accessories so special.

Our artisans started from this know-how to achieve the same outstanding results in creating recycled handbags. Regions such as Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna are specialized in working leather and quickly reached cutting-edge ability in producing accessories from recycled material.


Recycled Italian Handbags are the Next Big Thing in the Fashion industry, and ZeroW is here to provide you with the best available right now.

Our Recycled Leather Handbags

Tradition, creativity, and attention to detail: these are the same ingredients that you will find in our Recycled Leather Handbags, each one of them 100% Made in Italy… moreover, each one of them 100% Handcrafted in Italy with love, care, and respect for the environment.

Right. As we’ve already said, maybe our recycled leather handbags won’t save the Planet all on their own. But still, they can make a difference with their small but precious contribution to recycling old materials and minimizing pollution.


Willing to create your own new Style while helping protect the Planet?
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