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In January 2022 France mandated that every single technological device must display a label detailing its degree of repairability, with a value from 0-10 (including decimals). 

Why can’t we do the same within the fashion system? Why can’t brands report the approximate life span of the products they produce?

Unfortunately, if they did, the average time  reported on that label would be only one year.

One of the biggest issues at the intersection of fashion and sustainability is the massive underutilization of clothing. Each year, millions of clothes are produced, worn, and thrown away, often after only a few wears. Motivated by the threat of natural resources diminishing and a growing concern among consumers about the environmental impact of their purchases, the industry has identified circular fashion as a potential solution to one of fashion’s most pressing problems.



A circular economy or a closed-loop system is one where materials are endlessly reused and recycled, thus eliminating waste and pollution by limiting the extractive production of virgin raw materials, regenerating natural systems, and decreasing textile waste. Repairs are a vital link to enabling circular systems. Not only does repairing an item extend its longevity, but it also reduces its environmental footprint. 

Unlike resale, rental, and even subscription models which still depend on a level of consumption, repairs offer an alternative to throwaway culture by extending the life of the clothing in our personal wardrobes and our shared closets. As the fashion industry moves towards a more circular economy, brands are offering post-purchase services like cleaning, repairs, tailoring, and restoration as an opportunity to support long-term use and enable customers to wear their clothes longer. That’s what we do here at Zero.  Offering aftercare, post-purchase services has always been a priority for us, that’s why if some of the products you bought on our platform deteriorate or break, Zero’s team is ready to pick up, reset and send them back to you.  Click the button below, we will take care of your product as soon as we can!


Always remember that being conscious of shopping habits and making sustainable purchases is an important part of the sustainability approach. On our platform you can find products that come from different production: some of them are made of circular materials, others derive from upcycling processes. If you want to know more consult or Sustainable Guide

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