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The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world.

The production of clothing and accessories has a significant environmental impact and the sector also has a poor reputation for exploiting workers and lacking transparency in the supply chain.



Zerolab has decided to be the solution to these problems by providing an opportunity for emerging designers to create their own brand in a sustainable and circular way.

We had the opportunity to interview Gabriele and Cassandra, the founders.

ZeroLab was born from the need for a shared space where circularity and sharing are the foundations, a space where the experience of designers, artisans, and consultants can be shared and put to use to create more useful and effective projects both in terms of waste reduction and achieving market and communication goals.

ZeroLab is not just a startup incubator.

But also an important player in the community and local ecosystem. Their goal is to safeguard the artisan industry as a zero-waste production philosophy, through support for startups that come into contact with them, prioritizing slow fashion and identifying and supporting emerging designers and artisans.


For the future

ZeroLab plans to launch its ZeroLab Academy, a training project with courses in sewing, painting, decoration, and leatherwork self-production, which will introduce people and young people to the world of craftsmanship and circular economy and allow them to access the artisanal skills of the territory to create new opportunities or to support the passions of those who participate.





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